Relief For Puerto Rico

Relief Efforts For Puerto Rico Due To Hurricane Maria


Sometimes a thought or an idea is birthed from unexpected places.  For the past couple of days, my heart and my mind has been on all those who’ve suffered in Mexico City, Houston, Tanzania’s refugee camps, Syria, the Caribbean islands and most recently, the island of Puerto Rico.  Whenever natural disasters occurred or someone asks me for a donation to a charitable cause, I’ve always gave what I could and did my best to help out. 

I know one day when I reach a certain level of success, I plan to set up multiple charitable causes to help a multitude of people that are less fortunate.  After recently watching Carmelo Anthony’s video, in which he was reaching out to family, friends and people in his circle to help him in aiding the relief efforts in Puerto Rico, due to Hurricane Maria.  I was immediately compelled by the video and I felt the need to do more than what I already had done. 

I want to make a pledge for each t-shirt sale that I make from my online store, I will donate 10% of the proceeds to Carmelo Anthony’s donation organization YouCaring to help in this fight.  I have friends and family of friends who lives in Puerto Rico, so even if it’s only on a small scale, I simply want to help.  If possible, please share this page with your family and friends.  May resolve and healing come swiftly to not just Puerto Rico, but as well as our entire planet.  For more information, watch Carmelo Anthony's video below.

Carmelo Anthony Starts Hurricane Relief Fund For Puerto Rico

Video courtesy of The Player's Tribune